Twill/Drill Cloth

Drill, a twill weave fabric is a strong, dense to heavy-weight fabric usually used as a bleached or dyed fabric, however, it also finds uses in an unbleached form. Being one of our main products, it comes in vibrant colours and holds great value in the garment making business.
The drill we manufacture has multiple applications some of which include-
  • Corsets (heavier weights)
  • Khaki- used to make into uniforms
  • Boat sail drill is unbleached and used to make sails for sailing craft and pocket linings
  • Cotton drill, made of 100% cotton is widely used for making cooks’ uniforms (chefs’ wear) due to its thickness which protects the wearer from heat.
Commonly Used Qualities of drill readily available with us range from (190gsm to 240gsm) Width 50” to 63”.