Tents are used as a means of providing shelter during camping, trekking, or other outdoor recreational activities. The fabric used to make tents is usually cotton, poly-cotton, nylon, etc., with the following essential properties:
  • Breathability
  • High Water and Wind Resistance
  • High tensile and tear strength
  • Good light-fastness incorporated due to Vat dyes or Pigmented dyes
  • Rot Proof and Anti Bacterial.
  • Flame and UV Resistant etc.
The commonly used qualities for Tents are 8 oz, 10 oz 12 oz, 13oz, 15 oz & 18 oz in plain and RIB STOP pattern.

List of Brochures

Cotton Polyester Cotton
10 oz 10 oz
12 oz 12 oz
15 oz 13 oz
16 oz 15 oz
18 oz 28 oz
26 oz