Flame Retardant Fabrics

Flame resistant fabrics are mainly used to protect against worksite hazards. We offer a wide variety of commercial fabrics to perform in the most demanding work environments and pretreat them to protect the canvas against harsh environment and exposure for durable and non-durable applications. Our flame retardant fabrics find the following uses-
  1. Theatre drapes
  2. Tents
  3. Mattress ticking
  4. Railway and Aircraft Curtains
  5. Military Covers
  6. Protective wear for Fire workers.
Main Classifications of treatment based on use include:
Non Durable FR’s- Mainly used for theatre drapes and indoor applications. In this type of treatment, the fabric is not washed.
Durable FR finishes- These are durable finishes that stand against rain. This type of finish is also infrared and UV resistant.
The commonly used qualities readily available with us include: 10 oz, 12 oz, 15 oz &18 oz in a plain pattern

List of Brochures

GSM Type
220 gsm Cotton Drill
240 gsm Cotton Drill
310 gsm Cotton Drill
170 gsm Cotton Closely woven
240 gsm Polyester 65% Cotton 35%.Width 36” to 84”.